KL Bar Run & Children Care Run 2019
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13 Jan 2019
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Bib No
Net Time
Cat Pos
1C2R 5201CARE2RUN CITIUS 00:49:4000:49:40None Competitive Category - Mixed Open1
25084ZEN RUNNERS 00:51:1800:51:14Competitive Category - Mixed Open1
35017SPEEDY GONZALES 00:53:3800:53:38Competitive Category - Mixed Open2
45005THE YOUNGLINGS 00:54:4000:54:40Competitive Category - Mixed Open3
55141CLO - MEAN MACHINE 00:55:3200:55:32Competitive Category - Mixed Open4
65060CCA NIKE 00:57:4700:57:47Competitive Category - Mixed Open5
75002CHOWZ 00:59:5600:59:56Competitive Category - Mixed Open6
85014TEAM STSP 01:00:4301:00:43Competitive Category - Mixed Open7
95003LEGAS MISERABLE 01:00:4701:00:44Competitive Category - Mixed Open8
105054CCAÆS A 01:03:1101:03:11Competitive Category - Mixed Open9
115158CLO GAMMA 01:03:2501:03:16Competitive Category - Mixed Open10
125142TIK TOK ON THE CLO 01:04:0701:04:02Competitive Category - Mixed Open11
135133SLOTH 01:07:2301:07:18Competitive Category - Mixed Open12
145160CLO-NO BAR TOO FAR 01:07:5101:07:51Competitive Category - Mixed Open13
155118KUDA BELANG 01:08:0401:08:00Competitive Category - Mixed Open14
165153CY-CLO-PS 01:08:0801:08:08Competitive Category - Mixed Open15
175114LHAG TAX-I-TURN 01:08:1201:08:04Competitive Category - Mixed Open16
185051KL BARBARIANS DBT 01:08:2301:08:18Competitive Category - Mixed Open17
195067HULL FIRE 01:08:3201:08:17Competitive Category - Mixed Open18
205138TIMEWOUNDSALLHEELS 01:08:5801:08:57Competitive Category - Mixed Open19
215126RLPEAS 01:09:0201:08:53Competitive Category - Mixed Open20
225168CLO ETA 01:09:0401:09:04Competitive Category - Mixed Open21
235155ZICO E 01:09:4001:09:32Competitive Category - Mixed Open22
245040JUSTRUNLA19 01:10:4801:10:39Competitive Category - Mixed Open23
255030REAL TIGHT REAR 01:10:5901:10:53Competitive Category - Mixed Open24
265163LARI SAMBIL LEWA 01:11:0201:10:51Competitive Category - Mixed Open25
275034KL BAR VOLLEYBALL 01:11:0301:10:53Competitive Category - Mixed Open26
285074CEREAL KILLERS 01:11:2301:11:23Competitive Category - Mixed Open27
2950648LEGS 01:11:2301:11:14Competitive Category - Mixed Open28
305007GENG SATU HATI 01:11:3401:11:21Competitive Category - Mixed Open29
315078BOMB DA BOMB 01:12:1301:12:00Competitive Category - Mixed Open30
325124KAAP 2 01:12:1801:12:18Competitive Category - Mixed Open31
335021SLOWER POKES 01:12:2101:12:17Competitive Category - Mixed Open32
345025LEGS MISâ•”RABLES 01:12:2901:12:24Competitive Category - Mixed Open33
355031TBC 01:12:4001:12:28Competitive Category - Mixed Open34
365096ZICO A 01:12:5401:12:45Competitive Category - Mixed Open35
375076FREAKY GOATS 01:13:0001:12:49Competitive Category - Mixed Open36
385061TEAM KITTY 01:14:0201:14:02Competitive Category - Mixed Open37
395086ARC 1 01:14:1401:14:14Competitive Category - Mixed Open38
405154CLEVER CLOGS 01:14:3101:14:25Competitive Category - Mixed Open39
415107LAW AND ODOR 01:14:4601:14:45Competitive Category - Mixed Open40
425101SCRAMBLED LEGS 01:14:5101:14:38Competitive Category - Mixed Open41
435106DYLANIZER 01:15:0501:14:59Competitive Category - Mixed Open42
445095TOP GAN 01:15:0901:15:02Competitive Category - Mixed Open43
455110RUN LIAO PENGSAN 01:15:2201:15:16Competitive Category - Mixed Open44
465028CCA SUGAR BOMBS 01:15:5701:15:50Competitive Category - Mixed Open45
475016SLOWERTHANTORTOISE 01:16:0301:15:51Competitive Category - Mixed Open46
485022THE REAL A-TEAM 01:16:0401:16:01Competitive Category - Mixed Open47
495058TEAM DUGONG 01:16:0501:15:56Competitive Category - Mixed Open48
505032JUSTICE GEEKS 01:16:0601:16:01Competitive Category - Mixed Open49
Page 1 of 4 (170 items)