Rimba Alam Ultra Relay 2017
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08 April 2017
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Bib No
Cat Pos
Dist Done
1A1405THE PEAKING TOMS 07:46:56Team of 4 Men128105
2A1408Perlis Runner Team 08:19:02Team of 4 Men228105
3A1404ULTRA DEMON 08:24:32Team of 4 Men328105
4A1403HRC UM #1 09:34:38Team of 4 Men427101.25
5A1455BATU 8 09:27:04Team of 4 Men (Alumni)12593.75
6A1453JENAN RUNNERS 1 09:35:29Team of 4 Men (Alumni)22490
7C1436UITM SOMBAN - ALPHA 09:25:40Team of 4 Mixed/Mixed (Alumni)12386.25
8A1401TEAM KENA DERA 09:27:40Team of 4 Men52386.25
9A1407ABANG DAUD & FRENS 09:28:13Team of 4 Men62386.25
10C1437UITM SOMBAN - BRAVO 09:40:50Team of 4 Mixed/Mixed (Alumni)22386.25
11A1410MENS UNITED 09:10:27Team of 4 Men72282.5
12A1452ANSARA TERENDAK RUNNERS 09:22:18Team of 4 Men (Alumni)32282.5
13A1451BERUKPANASTERBANG 09:27:58Team of 4 Men (Alumni)42282.5
14C1431SUKERLARI 09:28:16Team of 4 Mixed/Mixed (Alumni)32282.5
15A1201Team Lenjan 09:20:34Team of 2 Men12178.75
16A1454Ultra Kundas 09:25:08Team of 4 Men (Alumni)52178.75
17A1412THUNDER BUDDIES 09:28:21Team of 4 Men82178.75
18A1402FABULOUS 4OUR 09:36:40Team of 4 Men92178.75
19A1406CID Mix 09:41:21Team of 4 Men102178.75
20C1432RUNNING AWAY 09:45:06Team of 4 Mixed/Mixed (Alumni)42178.75
21C1438UiTM Somban - Charlie 09:28:08Team of 4 Mixed/Mixed (Alumni)52075
22C1231MIJIHHH 08:59:59Team of 2 Mixed11971.25
23C1482JENAN RUNNERS 2 09:07:19Team of 4 Mixed/Mixed (Alumni)61971.25
24C1435Avengers 09:11:36Team of 4 Mixed/Mixed (Alumni)71867.5
25C1481RunSTArs 09:24:16Team of 4 Mixed/Mixed (Alumni)81867.5
26A1411ENDURO 09:28:02Team of 4 Men111867.5
27C1434VIRTRA 09:28:18Team of 4 Mixed/Mixed (Alumni)91867.5
28C1433G.A.S. 09:30:59Team of 4 Mixed/Mixed (Alumni)101867.5
29A1409HUNGRY RUNNERS 05:35:13Team of 4 Men121037.5
Page 1 of 1 (29 items)