UD The Signature Cross Country Ultra Series 2017
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02 Dec 2017
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Bib No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1UD413Christopher John Goodwin 09:06:0209:06:0183KM Men Open1Male1 
2UD487Alessandro Sherpa 09:46:5209:46:5183KM Men Open2Male2 
3UD427Man Kok Fai 12:08:0512:08:0383KM Men Open3Male3Malaysia
4UD439Khoo Kay Hao 12:08:0612:08:0083KM Men Open4Male4Malaysia
5UD468Lau Tee Wooi 12:08:0812:08:0183KM Men Veteran1Male5Malaysia
6UD482Cheng Mee Koon 12:09:5212:09:4483KM Women Open1Female1Malaysia
7UD450Tan Beng Yih 13:05:0713:04:5083KM Men Veteran2Male6Malaysia
8UD471Vincent Liew Weng Tong 13:06:5013:06:3983KM Men Veteran3Male7Malaysia
9UD457Yew Eng Sin 13:33:1713:32:5883KM Men Veteran4Male8Malaysia
10UD431She Hai Ing 13:47:4413:47:3683KM Men Open5Male9Malaysia
11UD478Jefferlyn Castillano 13:57:5913:57:5583KM Women Open2Female2Philippines
12UD472Ang Cheng Ing 14:02:1414:02:1083KM Men Veteran5Male10Malaysia
13UD403Yong Yen Pin 14:23:1814:23:0683KM Men Open6Male11Malaysia
14UD318Faherina Binti Mohd Esa 14:23:2514:23:1583KM Women Open3Female3Malaysia
15UD405Hafez Bin Muhamad Latipi 14:29:4414:29:3883KM Men Open7Male12Malaysia
16UD426Hasmawi Bin Kamarudin 14:43:0514:43:0183KM Men Open8Male13Malaysia
17UD407Ahmad Aqwa Bin Othman 14:48:2414:48:2283KM Men Open9Male14Malaysia
18UD481Syamemeliana Ruslan 14:51:0114:50:5683KM Women Open4Female4Malaysia
19UD433Geoffery Loh Yu Fei 14:51:0114:50:5283KM Men Open10Male15Malaysia
20UD459Mohd Roslizan Mohd Sabri 14:54:0114:53:5783KM Men Veteran6Male16Malaysia
21UD467Ker Hong Beng 14:57:4314:57:3583KM Men Veteran7Male17Malaysia
22UD412Chiah Swee Choon 14:58:3014:58:2083KM Men Open11Male18Malaysia
23UD401Fam Kien Keong 15:27:4015:27:2983KM Men Open12Male19Malaysia
24UD409Afzalleh Bin Jilleh 15:31:1615:31:0483KM Men Open13Male20Malaysia
25UD488Wan Noorull Hana 15:32:4715:32:4383KM Women Open5Female5 
26UD428Eldred Lee Sia Liang 15:41:2915:41:2083KM Men Open14Male21Malaysia
27UD453Chow Yek Chuin 15:53:5015:44:1483KM Men Veteran8Male22Malaysia
28UD456Muhammad Andri Bin Abdullah Zawawi 16:02:5516:02:4283KM Men Veteran9Male23Malaysia
29UD448Ryan Ws Wong 16:11:4516:11:2983KM Men Veteran10Male24Malaysia
30UD400Sky Chong Chee Keong 16:18:0416:17:5483KM Men Open15Male25Malaysia
31UD410Lee Hee Kar 16:25:4616:25:2783KM Men Open16Male26Malaysia
32UD449Yong Leun Sen 16:25:4616:25:2883KM Men Veteran11Male27Malaysia
33UD423Tan Keng Koon 16:30:2916:30:1583KM Men Open17Male28Malaysia
34UD445Mohd Syahir B Samsudin 16:35:4416:35:3883KM Men Open18Male29 
35UD460Muhammad Norazizuddin Bin M. Nor 16:36:0816:36:0283KM Men Veteran12Male30Malaysia
36UD420Wong Min Fung 16:50:1116:50:0583KM Men Open19Male31Malaysia
37UD473Lim Chun Chai 16:53:1716:53:1583KM Men Veteran13Male32Malaysia
38UD452Azian Bin Baharuddin 17:06:0517:05:5683KM Men Veteran14Male33Malaysia
39UD419Chua Kit 17:16:2217:16:0983KM Men Open20Male34Malaysia
40UD425Mohd Iswadi Mohd Yusoff 17:25:5717:25:4583KM Men Open21Male35Malaysia
41UD416Amir Akmal Md Shokor 17:26:0017:25:5483KM Men Open22Male36Malaysia
42UD436Mohd Hanifi Bin Abdul 17:32:0117:31:5883KM Men Open23Male37Malaysia
43UD408Kamarul Ariffin Bin Mohamed 17:32:0117:31:5883KM Men Open24Male38Malaysia
44UD430Mohamad Zul Hazman Bin Razali 17:32:0117:31:5983KM Men Open25Male39Malaysia
45UD477Suarni Daud 17:40:4417:40:3883KM Women Open6Female6Malaysia
46UD442Md Amzari Bin Md Zhahir 17:42:0517:42:0283KM Men Open26Male40Malaysia
47UD455Syukur Wahab 17:42:2117:42:0683KM Men Veteran15Male41Malaysia
48UD421Lim Kee Ming 17:42:2617:42:1783KM Men Open27Male42Malaysia
49UD474Faizah Othman 17:54:2517:54:1583KM Women Open7Female7Malaysia
50UD489Roy Derrick Teo Chan Hong 17:56:3617:56:2883KM Men Open28Male43Malaysia
Page 1 of 2 (87 items)