Allianz Pacesetters 4X3km 2017
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04 November 2017
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Bib No
Net Time
Cat Pos
1A016TEAM NIKE MALAYSIA 00:44:1400:44:14Men Open1
2A059MKRC 00:47:1100:47:11Men Open2
3A060Team J A K O 00:48:1000:48:10Men Open3
4D421Pacesetters Malaysia 00:50:0400:50:03Under 26 Mixed1
5D404All star 00:50:1500:50:15Under 26 Mixed2
6C276NB / DRC Rambutan 00:50:3500:50:33Mixed Open1
7A057PACESETTERS MYS #1 00:50:4200:50:42Men Open4
8C313PACESETTERS MYS #1 00:52:3000:52:29Mixed Open2
9D416ADR Youth 00:53:2900:53:29Under 26 Mixed3
10D407Queen and her guards 00:53:4400:53:44Under 26 Mixed4
11A012PegasusKL 00:54:0200:54:00Men Open5
12A037DRC Durian 00:54:4000:54:39Men Open6
13D420#scamsaja 00:55:3900:55:36Under 26 Mixed5
14A017Kami Nubis Warrior 00:55:4400:55:43Men Open7
15C238KURA RUNNERS A 00:56:2800:56:25Mixed Open3
16C304soumakaiC 00:57:3500:57:35Mixed Open4
17A024KLIR Fantastic 4 00:57:3700:57:37Men Open8
18C315PACESETTERS MYS #2 00:58:3500:58:33Mixed Open5
19D422Care2Run Citius 00:59:0000:58:59Under 26 Mixed6
20A005Frontrunners 00:59:2700:59:25Men Open9
21A036DRC Manggis 00:59:2800:59:25Men Open10
22C233VR Rangers 00:59:3100:59:31Mixed Open6
23B136PACESETTERS MALAYSIA 00:59:4700:59:46Women Open1
24C225Battousai Malaya 00:59:5100:59:43Mixed Open7
25C253Teh Tarik Satu! 00:59:5600:59:50Mixed Open8
26A063PACESETTERS MYS #2 01:00:1401:00:11Men Open11
27D415Super Feet 01:00:1501:00:14Under 26 Mixed7
28C314Pacesetters Kuantan 01:00:5701:00:53Mixed Open9
29A061Old Boys 01:01:3901:01:37Men Open12
30A008WRC-NO PAIN NO GAIN 01:02:0201:02:01Men Open13
31C298soumakaiB 01:02:1101:02:11Mixed Open10
32E507Jing An Lin 01:02:2401:02:20Kiwanis Pace It Forward1
33C247Pace Cadets 1 01:02:5201:02:48Mixed Open11
34B123TPRC HOTTIES 01:03:0301:03:03Women Open2
35C234Kura Runners B 01:03:4501:03:44Mixed Open12
36D411Keliwon Gunung 01:03:4601:03:46Under 26 Mixed8
37A020P.A.L.I.A 01:04:0301:03:58Men Open14
38B115NAUGHTY TURTLES 01:04:3201:04:29Women Open3
39A030The Rookies 01:05:1301:05:08Men Open15
40C221Wazer27 01:05:2401:05:24Mixed Open13
41A033BBRC 01:05:4101:05:37Men Open16
42A031ELC INT SCHOOL 01:05:4101:05:37Men Open17
43C246Run Fast Academy 01:05:5301:05:50Mixed Open14
44C305soumakaiA 01:06:2201:06:22Mixed Open15
45C252Cherry GKA 01:06:4001:06:35Mixed Open16
46C287XNATION 01:06:4101:06:41Mixed Open17
47B140Taylors 01:06:5101:06:51Women Open4
48A004KAKILARIKS SANTAI 01:07:0901:07:07Men Open18
49A018Team Ramrod 01:07:1101:07:04Men Open19
50C236Kura Runners C 01:07:2801:07:22Mixed Open18
Page 1 of 6 (262 items)