Allianz Pacesetters 4X3km 2018
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03 Nov 2018
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35E230Allianz A to Z 00:55:42Kiwanis Pace It Forward3
113E231Fantastic 4 01:12:04Kiwanis Pace It Forward9
85E232Run4Fun 01:06:28Kiwanis Pace It Forward6
140E233Scale Ruller 01:16:19Kiwanis Pace It Forward13
222E234XOXO 01:30:45Kiwanis Pace It Forward26
185E235Ben our Founder 01:23:17Kiwanis Pace It Forward21
146E236CAPTAIN ZAIDUN-LEENG 01:17:18Kiwanis Pace It Forward15
199E237Kianzen 01:26:24Kiwanis Pace It Forward23
111E238Reliable 01:11:54Kiwanis Pace It Forward8
117E240Authentic R/ship 01:12:31Kiwanis Pace It Forward10
55E241Speedy Gonzales 01:00:15Kiwanis Pace It Forward4
129E242The Running Fishes 01:14:32Kiwanis Pace It Forward11
157E243AraNano 01:18:20Kiwanis Pace It Forward18
142E244Team Two 01:16:38Kiwanis Pace It Forward14
183E245ProEngine 01:22:21Kiwanis Pace It Forward20
151E246Spirit of 1Kian 01:17:47Kiwanis Pace It Forward16
232E247Team Five 01:35:56Kiwanis Pace It Forward27
200E248PROACTIVE 01:26:24Kiwanis Pace It Forward24
88E249Baton Traders 01:06:45Kiwanis Pace It Forward7
154E250PZKR1 01:18:00Kiwanis Pace It Forward17
137E251PZKR2 01:15:56Kiwanis Pace It Forward12
159E252Testech Sdn Bhd 01:18:42Kiwanis Pace It Forward19
62E253LBS CLUB 01:01:24Kiwanis Pace It Forward5
209E254PakatanJPSB 01:28:07Kiwanis Pace It Forward25
197E255PintarJP 01:26:22Kiwanis Pace It Forward22
30E256GSD 4 KDSF-NC 00:54:29Kiwanis Pace It Forward2
15E257C2R SUNNY Citius 00:45:39Kiwanis Pace It Forward1
67A002Team Tamco 01:03:50Men Open25
48A003Millipede Runner's 00:59:07Men Open18
74A004LAT TA LI LAT 01:05:20Men Open29
106A005TAK MAU LAST 01:11:11Men Open35
36A006KRC RUNNER 00:55:52Men Open14
26A007P. A. L. I. A 00:53:07Men Open9
14A008KL Ignite Runners 00:45:03Men Open5
59A009ITTIFAK 01:00:50Men Open21
34A010Viper Boys 00:55:34Men Open13
131A011F8Runners 01:15:02Men Open42
5A012KURARUNNERS B 00:42:06Men Open2
31A013WRC Lost in Pace 00:54:34Men Open11
28A014SANTAI RUNNERS 00:53:26Men Open10
37A015TOUCH N GO RUNNERS 00:56:03Men Open15
60A01656Runners A 01:00:52Men Open22
78A01756Runners B 01:05:43Men Open31
23A018pria terhebat 2.0 00:52:47Men Open7
69A019EITS 1 01:04:24Men Open26
92A020Running Syndrome 01:07:49Men Open33
97A021CE Instruments SB 01:09:46Men Open34
77A022Jairo Men 01:05:40Men Open30
147A023Team A 01:17:30Men Open43
127A024Team B 01:14:27Men Open41
Page 1 of 5 (240 items)