Allianz Pacesetters 4X3km 2018
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03 Nov 2018
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Bib No
Name *
Cat Pos
115C180#NoChill 01:12:15Mixed Open47
61C089#TKS 01:01:05Mixed Open22
163B0602Good4U 01:19:02Women Open13
20D2103B1G 00:49:45Under 26 Mixed8
214C1084 IN RUN 01:28:56Mixed Open98
207D2034 Runners Why 01:27:39Under 26 Mixed23
216C1795 fast 5 furious 01:29:07Mixed Open100
82B07850-40s-30 01:06:10Women Open5
60A01656Runners A 01:00:52Men Open22
78A01756Runners B 01:05:43Men Open31
119C10990s 01:13:03Mixed Open49
160C112ABCD 01:18:50Mixed Open69
179C110Ace War 01:21:34Mixed Open82
3D222Alam Damai Alliance 00:41:55Under 26 Mixed2
133C186Alice In Wonderland 01:15:12Mixed Open57
35E230Allianz A to Z 00:55:42Kiwanis Pace It Forward3
238C122Allianz Heroes 01:46:44Mixed Open112
206B059Alligator 01:27:24Women Open19
22C117Amazing Snail Runner 00:52:32Mixed Open6
141B064An Pon Tan 01:16:32Women Open10
215C139And Then.... 01:28:57Mixed Open99
188C138Anything 01:23:36Mixed Open87
10A028AR.One 00:43:22Men Open4
157E243AraNano 01:18:20Kiwanis Pace It Forward18
118A036Are We There Yet 01:12:37Men Open38
228A029As Slow As You Can 01:33:38Men Open49
161D227Ascendur Care2Run 01:18:55Under 26 Mixed17
117E240Authentic R/ship 01:12:31Kiwanis Pace It Forward10
96C087BADMINTON KAKI 01:09:37Mixed Open36
88E249Baton Traders 01:06:45Kiwanis Pace It Forward7
132C150Batrun7 01:15:03Mixed Open56
32C157BBRC Specials 00:54:43Mixed Open9
29C171BBRC Surprise 00:53:30Mixed Open8
51A041BBRC Uncles 00:59:40Men Open20
185E235Ben our Founder 01:23:17Kiwanis Pace It Forward21
33A045Billion Dollar Tiger 00:55:25Men Open12
47C201BMW 00:58:26Mixed Open14
120C134BOBO 01:13:04Mixed Open50
105D219BOLT 01:11:07Under 26 Mixed14
196C190Boring People 01:25:50Mixed Open91
43A048BPJ SPARTANS 00:57:21Men Open16
240D226C2R SUNNY Altius 02:10:50Under 26 Mixed26
15E257C2R SUNNY Citius 00:45:39Kiwanis Pace It Forward1
42D228C2R SUNNY Fortius 00:57:19Under 26 Mixed10
234D229C2R with GRATITUDE 01:37:43Under 26 Mixed25
146E236CAPTAIN ZAIDUN-LEENG 01:17:18Kiwanis Pace It Forward15
97A021CE Instruments SB 01:09:46Men Open34
101C116Cham Peng 01:09:53Mixed Open39
213C120CHARLIE ANGEL TEAM 01:28:52Mixed Open97
54C188CHONGSTERS 01:00:09Mixed Open18
Page 1 of 5 (240 items)