KL Bar Run
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21 Jan 2018
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
14126Care2Run Citius 00:49:2500:49:24None Competitive Category - Mixed Open1Mixed
24012Zen Runners 00:52:4600:52:46Competitive Category - Mixed Open1Mixed
34055Speedy Gonzales 00:55:2500:55:24Competitive Category - Mixed Open2Mixed
44006RunningFromTheLaw 00:56:0600:56:06Competitive Category - Mixed Open3Mixed
54110CLO Mean Machine 00:58:1300:58:13Competitive Category - Mixed Open4Mixed
64003VO2 the Max 01:02:2501:02:19Competitive Category - Mixed Open5Mixed
74001Frontrunners 01:02:2701:02:22Competitive Category - Mixed Open6Mixed
84030Cirque de Sore Leg 01:02:5201:02:50Competitive Category - Mixed Open7Mixed
94057Tax Me If You Can! 01:05:3301:05:33Competitive Category - Mixed Open8Mixed
104086Timewoundsallheels 01:05:5201:05:51Competitive Category - Mixed Open9Mixed
114023Team Kuda Belang 01:06:1501:06:13Competitive Category - Mixed Open10Mixed
124026Team STN 01:07:1101:07:09Competitive Category - Mixed Open11Mixed
134128Care2Run Altius 01:07:4101:07:39None Competitive Category - Mixed Open2Mixed
144100CLO-NO BAR TOO FAR 01:08:2201:08:20Competitive Category - Mixed Open12Mixed
154075Team Kitty 01:09:1601:09:15Competitive Category - Mixed Open13Mixed
164095HoneyBears 01:09:4901:09:45Competitive Category - Mixed Open14Mixed
174097CLO..Turtley Fast! 01:10:0401:10:01Competitive Category - Mixed Open15Mixed
184053ZICO Runnerbees 1 01:10:3201:10:28Competitive Category - Mixed Open16Mixed
194091KL Barbarians DBT 01:10:3401:10:34Competitive Category - Mixed Open17Mixed
204015HHQ 1 01:10:4101:10:38Competitive Category - Mixed Open18Mixed
214056Chafing the Dream 01:10:5501:10:50Competitive Category - Mixed Open19Mixed
224011Geng Satu Hati 01:11:1501:11:08Competitive Category - Mixed Open20Mixed
2340214Ss 01:12:3101:12:28Competitive Category - Mixed Open21Mixed
244077KAAP-tain America 01:12:3401:12:32Competitive Category - Mixed Open22Mixed
254093Freaky Goats 01:13:5701:13:52Competitive Category - Mixed Open23Mixed
264063Tax and the City 01:13:5701:13:52Competitive Category - Mixed Open24Mixed
274046Thunderbolt 01:14:3601:14:25Competitive Category - Mixed Open25Mixed
284109CLOs Ray of Hope 01:14:4401:14:41Competitive Category - Mixed Open26Mixed
294002JustRunLa18 01:15:0201:15:00Competitive Category - Mixed Open27Mixed
304009Aiyoyo 01:15:2701:15:20Competitive Category - Mixed Open28Mixed
314048EXCEL-arators 01:15:3801:15:32Competitive Category - Mixed Open29Mixed
324066Rylands v Fletcher 01:15:4901:15:45Competitive Category - Mixed Open30Mixed
334028Skrine Team A 01:16:0501:15:58Competitive Category - Mixed Open31Mixed
344042Sthing Ridiculous 01:16:4401:16:35Competitive Category - Mixed Open32Mixed
354065ZICO Runnerbees 2 01:16:5101:16:51Competitive Category - Mixed Open33Mixed
364076F.A.R.K 01:17:1901:17:12Competitive Category - Mixed Open34Mixed
374014Buns On The Run 01:17:5701:17:54Competitive Category - Mixed Open35Mixed
384080ZRpRunnerLawyers 1 01:17:5701:17:51Competitive Category - Mixed Open36Mixed
394107Pigs Might Fly 01:17:5901:17:52Competitive Category - Mixed Open37Mixed
404104CLO - The Flash 01:18:0701:18:05Competitive Category - Mixed Open38Mixed
414037Totoro 01:18:4301:18:37Competitive Category - Mixed Open39Mixed
424050SLB Youngins 01:18:5401:18:53Competitive Category - Mixed Open40Mixed
434103Scrambled Legs 01:19:0301:18:57Competitive Category - Mixed Open41Mixed
444007#Awesome4some 01:19:2901:19:27Competitive Category - Mixed Open42Mixed
454117FarmFresh Tomatoes 01:19:4201:19:38Competitive Category - Mixed Open43Mixed
464043EDCO 01:19:5301:19:50Competitive Category - Mixed Open44Mixed
474127Care2Run Fortius 01:19:5601:19:51None Competitive Category - Mixed Open3Mixed
484060Larry. Huat Ah! 01:19:5801:19:51Competitive Category - Mixed Open45Mixed
494087Cereal Killers 01:20:0301:20:01Competitive Category - Mixed Open46Mixed
504072Lightning McQueen 01:20:2301:20:15Competitive Category - Mixed Open47Mixed
Page 1 of 3 (128 items)