PAR14 2018 Series 1
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27 May 2018
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Bib No
Cat Pos
1224TRANZ TT A 00:52:42Mixed Open1
2234THE RUNNING PLAN 00:53:05Mixed Open2
3007DANI'S BOYS 00:53:07Mixed Open3
4260NARIN ATHLETICS 00:55:02Mixed Open4
5225TRANZ TT B 00:56:32Mixed Open5
6088THE SPEEDSTERS 00:57:14Mixed Open6
7263PACEMAKERS AUTOBOT 00:57:40Mixed Open7
8137PACEMAKERS BUMBLEBEE 00:58:21Mixed Open8
9111LOL FRESHER LEGS 00:58:40Mixed Open9
10226TRANZ TT C 00:59:00Mixed Open10
11140WIND RUNNERS 2 00:59:25Mixed Open11
12245SOUMAKAI 1 00:59:25Mixed Open12
13146WIND RUNNERS 10 01:00:16Mixed Open13
14223MIX RUNNER 01:00:27Mixed Open14
15128SG BESI RUNNERS 01:00:35Mixed Open15
16220AMKAN 01:01:05Mixed Open16
17142WIND RUNNERS 4 01:01:12Mixed Open17
18139WIND RUNNERS 1 01:01:26Mixed Open18
19201RUN SO YOUNG 01:01:27Mixed Open19
20060CHKL 1 01:01:37Mixed Open20
21122KYSERUNKREW X 01:01:43Mixed Open21
22317PACEMAKERS OPTIMUS PRIME 01:01:48Mixed Veteran1
23305HRC MPSJ/UM 01:01:59Mixed Veteran2
24321NIGHT FURRY 01:02:02Mixed Veteran3
25145WIND RUNNERS 7 01:02:56Mixed Open22
26089THE RACERS 01:03:05Mixed Open23
27109LOL FRESH LEGS 01:03:26Mixed Open24
28244BEAUTY & GORILLAS 01:03:39Mixed Open25
29243SCAMSAJA 01:03:49Mixed Open26
30266PACEMAKERS #LGKL 01:04:07Mixed Open27
31315WIND RUNNERS 3 01:04:37Mixed Veteran4
32014SPEEDIATORS CATCAT 01:05:04Mixed Open28
33026TEAM MOUMANTAI 2 01:05:37Mixed Open29
34246SOUMAKAI 2 01:05:58Mixed Open30
35316WIND RUNNERS 8 01:05:58Mixed Veteran5
36176GKN TEAM 01:07:21Mixed Open31
37017KL IGNITE RUNNERS 01:07:48Mixed Open32
38265NUBIS WARRIORS 01:08:42Mixed Open33
39194MAD WARRIOR 2.0 01:08:46Mixed Open34
40212OREO 01:08:48Mixed Open35
41227JUST RELAX RUN 01:09:30Mixed Open36
42196LOCOMOTION 01:10:26Mixed Open37
43238GOGETTERTRISQUAD 01:10:33Mixed Open38
44061CHKL 2 01:10:43Mixed Open39
45143WIND RUNNERS 5 01:10:46Mixed Open40
46009VR RANGERS 01:10:59Mixed Open41
47320WIND RUNNERS 11 01:11:04Mixed Veteran6
48006SPEEDIATORS RUNMAN 01:11:05Mixed Open42
49268MWM PACER GROUP 01:11:42Mixed Open43
50054MEOW CLUB TEAM A 01:15:35Mixed Open44
Page 1 of 6 (295 items)