ZL Southern University College 12 Hours
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29 Sep 2018
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Bib No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Distance (km) *
A0018BU KAI JUN DNSMen OpenMaleMalaysia0 0.000
A0026SIM WONG HOO DNSMen OpenMaleSingapore0 0.000
B1009CHIN MUN YEE DNSWomen OpenFemaleMalaysia0 0.000
53C3005FONG SIEW HAR 11:15:00Entrepreneur Open2Female19Malaysia8 4.291
52A0020MAHMUD MUSTAFA KAMAL 02:42:39Men Open27Male34Malaysia17 9.119
51C3006CHONG HAN KWANG 11:57:24Entrepreneur Open7Male33Malaysia21 11.264
50C3001LIM KOK YONG (KY LIM) 11:57:24Entrepreneur Open6Male32Malaysia21 11.264
47B1010CHONG WEN LI 02:58:32Women Open15Female16Malaysia25 13.410
46B1011LOO YIN MEI 02:58:31Women Open14Female15Malaysia25 13.410
49B1007LEE PEI TZE 03:23:41Women Open17Female18Malaysia25 13.410
45B1008TAN YUN HAO 02:55:57Women Open13Female14Malaysia25 13.410
48B1013JOEY TAN 03:00:30Women Open16Female17Malaysia25 13.410
44B1012ANG WAN JOO 03:38:48Women Open12Female13Malaysia26 13.946
43A0016KHOO SWE HENG 03:30:56Men Open26Male31Malaysia32 17.165
42A0019LEE CWEN WEI 03:56:07Men Open25Male30Malaysia35 18.774
41C3008LO CHING YIH 11:43:38Entrepreneur Open5Male29Malaysia43 23.065
40A0017CHENG CHIEH 05:54:04Men Open24Male28Malaysia50 26.820
39C3003LOW CHEW LING 11:52:56Entrepreneur Open1Female12Malaysia52 27.893
38C3007OOI CHING HOCK 09:29:28Entrepreneur Open4Male27Malaysia56 30.038
37C3004OH CHEE PENG 11:58:44Entrepreneur Open3Male26Malaysia57 30.575
36C3009TAN CHIEN LOON 08:06:00Entrepreneur Open2Male25Malaysia60 32.184
35C3002GOH KEE WEI 11:50:14Entrepreneur Open1Male24Malaysia76 40.766
34B1017CHNG SIEW LU 05:37:50Women Open11Female11Singapore81 43.448
33B1005LEE CHUI LI 11:59:59Women Open10Female10Malaysia83 44.521
29A0029QUEK NGAK JUI 06:34:35Men Open20Male20Malaysia100 53.640
30A0022YOW PING AIK 09:14:44Men Open21Male21Malaysia100 53.640
31A0023SIM GUAN HUAT 10:18:38Men Open22Male22Singapore100 53.640
32A0010LAI ZHUNG SHENG 10:26:05Men Open23Male23Malaysia100 53.640
B1018TAN SUAN ANN SHIRLEY DQWomen OpenFemaleSingapore100 53.640
27A0012CHOW CHEE LEONG 08:36:52Men Open18Male18Malaysia101 54.176
28A0013THAM TECK CHONG 11:57:12Men Open19Male19Malaysia101 54.176
26B1014ANNE MARIE TAN 11:54:21Women Open9Female9Malaysia102 54.713
25B1016WINIFRED LOH SHI JIE 11:54:17Women Open8Female8Malaysia103 55.249
24A0007LEE KONG NIAN 10:39:17Men Open17Male17Malaysia103 55.249
23B1003LIM AI HUA 11:00:05Women Open7Female7Malaysia104 55.786
22B1004LIM PEI WAH 11:02:42Women Open6Female6Malaysia106 56.858
21A0009YEW SIN KEE 11:56:35Men Open16Male16Malaysia107 57.395
20A0011OOI CHONG SIANG 11:59:15Men Open15Male15Malaysia110 59.004
19A0014TEE PEE HO 11:51:46Men Open14Male14Malaysia118 63.295
18A0008SARAWAK YAP SWEE LIONG 11:58:51Men Open13Male13Malaysia119 63.832
17A0003LIM YEW KHUAY 11:41:38Men Open12Male12Malaysia126 67.586
16A0015CHONG KEN SEN 11:58:22Men Open11Male11Malaysia129 69.196
15A0001RYOICHI SEKIYA 11:59:10Men Open10Male10Japan132 70.805
14A0027LOH CHORNG WENN 11:58:23Men Open9Male9Malaysia135 72.414
13A0028TAN PECK LIANG 11:59:37Men Open8Male8Malaysia139 74.560
12A0021SETHAPONG KATANYUKUNANON 11:57:22Men Open7Male7Thailand142 76.169
11B1019SOO PAO CHING (JACELYN) 11:56:45Women Open5Female5Malaysia144 77.603
10B1006JOAN YONG YEN CHING 11:57:35Women Open4Female4Malaysia149 79.924
9A0005KOH YONG HENG 11:57:34Men Open6Male6Malaysia151 80.996
8A0025SIM WHITLEY 11:56:06Men Open5Male5Singapore155 83.142
Page 1 of 2 (57 items)