Singapore Aquathlon 2018
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21 Oct 2018
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Race No
Name *
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
43884AMY LEE 03:23:22Open (40-49)1Female4
38801ANDREW ANGELES 03:13:28Open (30-39)16Male36
65842BAOHAI ZHOU 04:03:02Open (40-49)22Male59
4811BEN HECKSCHER 02:20:29Open (30-39)3Male4
3804BEN REGAN 02:18:41Open (30-39)2Male3
63873BOCK 03:56:21Senior (60 & above)1Male57
56864BOON LENG AW 03:42:58Veteran (50-59)11Male52
35862BOON TIONG SIM 03:10:05Veteran (50-59)9Male33
58847CALVIN BOK 03:46:24Open (40-49)19Male53
57881CATRINA GAMEZ 03:43:55Open (30-39)2Female5
42879CHEE MING NGO 03:21:53Open (40-49)13Male39
51850CHEN TING WEI 03:32:22Open (40-49)15Male47
26861CHEW CHOON TAN 02:59:29Veteran (50-59)8Male24
61844CHON HSING NG 03:51:45Open (40-49)20Male56
20826CHRISTIAN ABUIDE 02:49:14Open (40-49)6Male18
44821CHRISTIAN ERNEL REGOSO 03:24:02Open (30-39)18Male40
9878DAI MATSUI 02:33:55Veteran (50-59)3Male9
47817DANIEL KWOK 03:26:41Open (30-39)20Male43
29808DANIEL TIANG 03:03:23Open (30-39)12Male27
21855DANILO BALANDRA 02:52:04Veteran (50-59)6Male19
2848DAVE LOMMEN 02:16:07Open (40-49)1Male2
36805EDUARD MOIX 03:11:02Open (30-39)14Male34
40882EENA MARIE ASPARIN 03:15:10Open (30-39)1Female3
52843ELVIN CHENG 03:32:28Open (40-49)16Male48
25800ENRICO DEL MORO 02:59:14Open (30-39)10Male23
54807ERIC ANG 03:33:58Open (30-39)22Male50
53845ERIC MOUCHEL LA FOSSE 03:33:08Open (40-49)17Male49
55887IAN TORRES 03:34:02Open (40-49)18Male51
11885ITSUKO TANAKA 02:35:59Veteran (50-59)1Female1
67854JAHARI (JOE BROWN) OMAR 04:32:08Senior (60 & above)2Male61
5803JAMES WATERHOUSE 02:21:02Open (30-39)4Male5
10857JEREMY SNOAD 02:34:17Veteran (50-59)4Male10
13828JERRY SEAH 02:38:31Open (40-49)3Male12
31810JIUN HAO FOCK 03:04:46Open (30-39)13Male29
7853JOHN CARL ROLDAN 02:28:42Open (30-39)5Male7
39814JUSTIN LEE 03:15:04Open (30-39)17Male37
30852KAM HOR MOK 03:03:37Open (40-49)8Male28
60867KAM ONN CHAN 03:48:05Veteran (50-59)12Male55
66863KAY TECK LIM 04:27:39Veteran (50-59)13Male60
28802KENICHIRO KUBO 03:02:37Open (30-39)11Male26
49866KIN MOON AU YEONG 03:28:54Veteran (50-59)10Male45
48851LEE TECK KEONG 03:27:54Open (40-49)14Male44
62883MANI BOUTARD 03:51:56Open (40-49)2Female6
16886MARINE TAILLEFER 02:45:00Youth Junior (16-29)1Female2
8798MARK CLAY 02:33:06Veteran (50-59)2Male8
14819MATHIEU JAGER 02:40:53Open (30-39)6Male13
18825MICHAEL WOLFE 02:46:48Open (40-49)5Male16
34833MICHIEL VAN SELM 03:09:20Open (40-49)11Male32
1877NORIYUKI TANAKA 02:07:47Open (30-39)1Male1
19813RAYNARD YING 02:46:57Open (30-39)7Male17
Page 1 of 2 (67 items)