Twilight Ultra Challenge 2018
21 Jul 2018

Rosalie Serrano
Gender :Female
Status :Finished
Distance (km) :75
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Finish Time
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All Splits
NameTimeLeg TimeOverall PosGender PosDistance (km)
Lap Start100:00:1300:00:1368210
( min/km)
Split Lap100:18:4500:18:4582212.5
(7:30 min/km)
Lap Finish100:37:2200:37:2286225
(7:28 min/km)
Lap Start200:37:3100:00:0970165
(7:30 min/km)
Split Lap200:57:1200:19:4972157.5
(7:37 min/km)
Lap Finish201:16:1300:38:51751610
(7:37 min/km)
Lap Start301:20:5200:04:38801810
(8:05 min/km)
Split Lap301:50:4600:34:321102712.5
(8:51 min/km)
Lap Finish302:10:2600:54:121052315
(8:41 min/km)
Lap Start402:17:2800:07:021122715
(9:09 min/km)
Split Lap402:45:5500:35:291142817.5
(9:28 min/km)
Lap Finish403:05:0900:54:431132720
(9:15 min/km)
Lap Start503:13:5600:08:471072620
(9:41 min/km)
Split Lap503:41:4400:36:351102922.5
(9:51 min/km)
Lap Finish504:01:3800:56:291062525
(9:39 min/km)
Lap Start604:06:4200:05:031002425
(9:52 min/km)
Split Lap604:29:2000:27:421012427.5
(9:47 min/km)
Lap Finish604:47:3900:46:00922130
(9:35 min/km)
Lap Start704:51:5300:04:14811930
(9:43 min/km)
Split Lap705:18:3800:30:59821932.5
(9:48 min/km)
Lap Finish705:41:1000:53:30761835
(9:44 min/km)
Lap Start805:42:5300:01:43661335
(9:47 min/km)
Split Lap806:19:0700:37:57741537.5
(10:06 min/km)
Lap Finish806:50:2801:09:18801740
(10:15 min/km)
Lap Start906:58:5100:08:23731540
(10:28 min/km)
Split Lap907:19:2000:28:51691442.5
(10:20 min/km)
Lap Finish907:37:2700:46:59651445
(10:09 min/km)
Lap Start1007:44:1900:06:51641445
(10:19 min/km)
Split Lap1008:16:2700:39:00671547.5
(10:27 min/km)
Lap Finish1008:44:5901:07:31691550
(10:29 min/km)
Lap Start1108:46:1800:01:19421150
(10:31 min/km)
Split Lap1109:04:0200:19:03401052.5
(10:21 min/km)
Lap Finish1109:31:1400:46:14411155
(10:23 min/km)
Lap Start1209:55:5100:24:3739955
(10:50 min/km)
Split Lap1210:34:5101:03:3739957.5
(11:02 min/km)
Lap Finish1211:13:1301:41:5939960
(11:13 min/km)
Lap Start1311:18:2900:05:1633760
(11:18 min/km)
Split Lap1311:37:5700:24:4432762.5
(11:10 min/km)
Lap Finish1312:04:2700:51:1432765
(11:08 min/km)
Lap Start1412:09:5100:05:2326665
(11:13 min/km)
Split Lap1412:35:4700:31:1926667.5
(11:11 min/km)
Lap Finish1412:59:3100:55:0326670
(11:08 min/km)
Lap Start1512:59:3800:00:0624670
(11:08 min/km)
Split Lap1513:28:1000:28:3824672.5
(11:08 min/km)
Lap Finish1514:01:2601:01:5424675
(11:13 min/km)
Lap Start1675
Split Lap1677.5
Lap Finish1680
Lap Start1780
Split Lap1782.5
Lap Finish1785
Lap Start1885
Split Lap1887.5
Lap Finish1890
Lap Start1990
Split Lap1992.5
Lap Finish1995
Lap Start2095
Split Lap2097.5
Lap Finish20100
Lap Start21100
Split Lap21102.5
Lap Finish21105
Lap Start22105
Split Lap22107.5
Lap Finish22110
Lap Start23110
Split Lap23112.5
Lap Finish23115
Lap Start24115
Split Lap24117.5
Lap Finish24120
Lap Start25120
Split Lap25122.5
Lap Finish25125
Lap Start26125
Split Lap26127.5
Lap Finish26130
Lap Start27130
Split Lap27132.5
Lap Finish27135
Lap Start28135
Split Lap28137.5
Lap Finish28140
Lap Start29140
Split Lap29142.5
Lap Finish29145
Lap Start30145
Split Lap30147.5
Lap Finish30150
Lap Start31150
Split Lap31152.5
Lap Finish31155
Lap Start32155
Split Lap32157.5
Lap Finish32160
Lap Start33160
Split Lap33162.5
Lap Finish33165
Lap Start34165
Split Lap34167.5
Lap Finish34170
Lap Start35170
Split Lap35172.5
Lap Finish35175